What does the 2015 Researcher E-course offer?


    ·       This E-course is taught in live webinar format with interactive Live discussion and Q&A opportunities. 

    ·       The entire E-course is presented in five consecutive weekly modules.

    ·       Each Module is a one hour+ presentation module is aired live by Doug Beabout CPC for five weeks.  

    ·       No worries though! Each module/class is available for replay and review throughout the course and for 4 weeks following the last module.

    ·       Live discussion and Q&A sessions will commence at the end of each weekly hour long presentation.

    ·       Participants will receive an extensive weekly study guide to provide outline notes specific to each presentation and extended course materials and research reference resources.

·       Class size is limited to allow for enhanced interactivity opportunities.

    ·       Tuition: $599 per connection for the entire course and all amenities; and multiple participants receive a 25% discount for any additional participants.  If using PayPal., you have a six-month, interest free option now!

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Our next 2016 Researcher eCourse (5-weeks) begins each Wednesday starting March 27 at 7PM EST / 4PM (PST)

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