What Research and Recruiting professionals, your peers, think of Doug Beabout's training:

As a ECourse alumni I can wholeheartedly vouch for the content, value and information of Doug Beabout's Ecourse. In my 20+ years experience in recruiting, I have not seen or heard a better instructor or trainer than Doug Beabout and I have had a number of very good ones. What impresses me most about Doug, is he has been there and done it and it comes through in his ecourse via his keen insights, throughness, details and understanding of the why and how. To me there are two type recruiting instructors; 1) who has been in the classroom too long and been away from the streets too long and you can tell. 2) A seasoned recruiting veteran who has not only done the job inside and out, up and down and has the scars and knowledge to prove it but one who can also lead recruiters and teach recruiters. Recruiters can tell quickly if someone is BS-ing them. Doug walks the talk. Doug, in my opinion- is the best. Call/Email me any time if you have any questions or doubts: 479-204-8955 stephen.shearman@wal-mart.com Steve Shearman

You were great! it was like gathering a wealth of practical information. You did not hype it, no gimmickry and just plain good old detective work. It did not leave me feeling stupid. But I see endless possibilities. Bless LaGrone

Doug is that unique person. A big biller, a trainer, coach, and industry leader everybody should know. Doug is the best trainer of top producers, bar none.Bill Vick, Big Biller.org

I've seen many different training programs. I can only recommend one guy, Doug Beabout. Doug has more substance than the others out there and also works his own desk. He has more experience opening hundreds of offices all over the world. There are other, (more flashy) trainers out there but for REAL content, Doug is the guy. Ellia Kassoff (Top Billing recruiter is USA 2010)

Doug goes beyond the call of duty. We ordered training materials for research recruitment, and had some questions. Doug provided a professional consultation sharing his insights. In addition, he offered and sent a revised and improved version of the program! He explains his practical experience in a way that will make money ethically.John Brack

I have yet to meet anyone who has a more profound understanding of the search business than Doug Beabout. In addition, he is a gifted teacher. I’m not sure why he shares his knowledge so generously, unless it is to give back to the industry he loves. But I’m glad he does so, since I have benefited greatly from his wisdom. Mitch Ellis, Sanford Rose Associates

It is indeed a pleasure to write an endorsement of Doug Beabout, CPC. I have attended 3 seminars with Doug. Believe me if I had more opportunities to see him, I would not miss. Doug has a straight-forward, direct manner in which he presents his training. There is "no hype", and it is very factual. Doug is a most valuable recruiter-trainer in our industry. Delores George, CPC

Doug was a compelling and innovative speaker and trainer for the Society of Executive Recruiting Consultants and IRG, Independent Recruiters Group in Dallas TX. My husband, Jim Ryan , and I were on the board for both groups and highly recommend Doug's training. Betty Ryan

I first met Doug while attending a recruiting convention along the Gold Coast of Alabama where he was the main convention speaker. I purchased many of his recruiting materials and have utilized the ideas in my own blended recruiting business with my own staff with much success. I rank Doug right up there with the top Recruiting trainers/mentors in the business today. Russell Hacker, CTS, CPC

Doug Beabout was instrumental in getting me into the recruiting business. After a 16 year career at IBM, I chose to enter the executive search industry. Doug's approach to recruiting was very complimentary to my personal selling style and he helped me refine my recruiting process that allows me to prove to clients that I add value over and above any other recruiting firm. Curtis Kuttnauer, member of Pinnacle

Doug did an outstanding job for the KC Chapter of MAPS all day training sessions he did for us. He really hit all the bases and made us all feel that our industry can move forward as long as we stay grounded in the basics but willing to embrace change. He is truly a hands-on trainer.Ray Makalous

Thank you Doug for all the help over the last few months with coaching skills and sharing of your knowledge of the search industry. It has improved my skills and increased productivity. What I appreciate most, is your candor and providing solutions that work, not just fluff that sounds great, but has added real value. Your knowledge base is of the level that is most helpful to my firm. Sam McCord

I have known Doug Beabout about 12 years. As the Education Chair we have invited him on at least three occasions for the MAPS. His practical, credible, no-nonsense delivery is always well received. Doug runs a desk of his own and has successfully opened and trained countless others. His training materials and ethical style are proven and valuable for rookies and veterans alike. Highly recommend him. Bob Norton