2016 Researcher E-course

Module Descriptions:

Week One Module

· Developing specialization data and market niche development leads

· Creating qualified and refined marketing leads

· Defining and enhancing hiring authority names and contact data

· Creating A, B and S company data management records and maintaining their currency

Week Two Module

·Search project support tasks

· Building competitive client data files

· Creating qualified recruiting leads by telephone (Name gathering)

· Identifying and cultivating specialization contacts and bird dogs

· Exploiting technology to create recruiting intelligence and sources

Week Three Module

·Where powerful sourcing begins

·Identifying the ripest sources

·Penetrating source companies and getting past gatekeepers

·Exploiting Internet resources wisely

·How to effectively qualify a recruiting lead

Week Four Module

    • Managing interview arrangements and reimbursements
    • Developing Candidate leads by telephone
    • Creating effective closing information for consultants
    • Gathering essential data to leverage consultant control
    • Conducting reference checks and multi-tasking
    • Gathering Community data on a targeted basis
    • Interfacing with candidate families and individuals for closure

Week Five Module

    • Managing quality assurance and client reference gathering
    • Creating and managing a 95% candidate currency program
    • Managing a client development process
    • Providing research resources services on a profit center basis
    • Candidate Lead Best Practices
    • Course review

(Following each week's module, an extensive, live question and answer session is held with Doug.)

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